Individual and Family Transition Services


The Individual and Family Transition Services at Amigo Family Counseling are facilitated by Matthew Wilson, M.Ed., M.Div.  Matthew coaches individuals with an Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) diagnosis as they transition into adulthood.  Specifically, he mentors individuals with ASD as they explore their interests in post-secondary education and/or as they develop their aspirations for a future a career, empowering them to reach to their fullest potential. 

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Matthew's belief is that  those on the autism spectrum are integral members in our society with much to contribute.  His approach is highlighted in his 2017 publication "Debut of Diversity: The Emerging Conversation About Autism and Higher Education".  To read more about the book, click here.

Description of Services:

Individualized Transition Coaching:  For Transition Age People, Ages 16-30.  The sessions emphasize personal and professional accomplishments, challenges and confidence-building:

  • setting goals
  • researching post-secondary schools
  • career or work options
  • applying for opportunities
  • preparing for self-advocacy and “First Day Scenarios”

Post-Secondary Individualized Coaching:  For enrolled college students or those in the early stages of a career. The Sessions focus on a person’s adjustment and progress through their chosen career path or program of study:

  • Ongoing and emerging academic, social, advocacy, and organizational challenges are regularly assessed,
  • and strategies for continued success are created and adopted by the person with the coach’s support.